The Best Story In Basketball: How A Deaf Basketball Team Keeps Shooting For March Madness

The Best Story In Basketball: How A Deaf Basketball Team Keeps Shooting For March Madness

by Wendell Maxey

When Mike Evans and I agreed to move forward with putting out an active blog on the Full Court Peace website, we did so with you guys in mind.

Not only did we want to promote our overall fundraising efforts and on-going basketball events going on around Connecticut and Cuba, but we also wanted to help share the story of our aspiring youth, contributing partners and sponsors, our annual outreach trips, basketball camps and the stories-behind-the-stories..stories of success, unity, teamwork, sportsmanship, communication and those centered on giving back to our communities and cultures.

This is one of those stories.

This is one of those times.

For those familiar with the Washington Post and following any and all sports coming out of the nation’s capital, Dan Steinberg remains one of the best in the business thanks to his D.C. Sports Blog. Give the man a pen, pad, time and some sports, and he will deliver a winner every time. His latest piece is a must-read and reminder about true love for the game and each other: the Gallaudet men’s basketball team set a program record for wins this season and now competes this weekend for their first berth in the NCAA Division III (Washington D.C.) tournament. They are the only deaf university with a basketball team in the world.

"There’s really no other college or university that has that same kind of unique experience we have here, so we’re very special. I feel like we have a responsibility to do our best and to show deaf people that they can be proud of what we do.”

The quote from second-year head coach, Kevin Kovacs not only speaks volumes about his players, the program, university and these kids, but also about the community who is there to support and encourage them each step of the way. You can officially count Full Court Peace as big fans.

Such a great story going on in the game today.

Read the full story here — The nation’s only deaf men’s college basketball team, on the verge of its first March Madness

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