One Goal, One Student, One Trip To Cuba With Full Court Peace

One Goal, One Student, One Trip To Cuba With Full Court Peace

by Brandyn Curry

This year was the first holiday season where I was unable to go home for the holidays and while I definitely missed getting to be with family and friends, it’s one of those sacrifices that professional basketball players must make while playing overseas. My family decided to postpone the celebration until I come home in the summer though so I won’t be missing out entirely!

This was also a season of reflection and goal setting.

As with the beginning of every New Year, comes the "resolutions". Gyms and churches are filled, diets are booming, and the optimism for better change is at its peak during the first few weeks of the New Year. However, the initial emotions of change tend to wear off and only last for a week or two. It happens all of the time. When challenges arise, people are quick to give up on their goals. My hope is you’re reading this and that you will stay dedicated to whatever resolution it was you made to yourself. Understand that obstacles will arise and your conviction will be challenged. The people who prepare for these potential setbacks or doubts are the ones who usually end up succeeding when all is said and done.

With all that being said, I would like to share with you all one of my major goals for this year. I read somewhere that putting your goals out there for other people to see is a great way to be held accountable so I’m counting on you all to do that for me!

Before the end of 2017, I want to sponsor at least one young person with the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to Cuba with Full Court Peace.

As it can be seen on the FCP website in the "Donate" section, that will be $1500. I am most excited about this goal because for the first time in my life, a major goal like this has nothing to do with bettering myself. As I’m learning and growing, each year I realize the value of our lives can really only be measured by the impact we have on the lives of others. Also, because of my faith as a strong believer in Christ, I know part of my purpose is to help as many people as I can using the blessings I have received.

In the past, I have used the excuse that I have too much going on financially in life to be donating for any cause. Honestly though, I am tired of hiding behind that sad excuse. With more money comes more financial responsibilities and I am more than able to start helping with what I have now. There will be challenges for me to complete this goal and I will have to buckle down on my spending habits. I must admit that I am an impulse buyer who especially loves the latest technology. So that means I might not get the latest phone that comes out this year or the latest Jordan basketball shoes, but at the end of the day this goal is way bigger than it all. You can’t put a price on this experience and the memories built with Full Court Peace in Cuba.

I know this trip will be life-changing for the young person I end up choosing. We must all delay short-term gratification for the more rewarding experience awaiting us at the end. As long as we can stick to this principle we can surely make 2017 a special year indeed.

I am really looking forward to growing and changing this world with Full Court Peace, one goal at a time.

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