10 Years Of Full Court Peace: Strengthening A Bond In Belfast Through Basketball

10 Years Of Full Court Peace: Strengthening A Bond In Belfast Through Basketball

by Wendell Maxey

With Full Court Peace’s 10 Year anniversary trip back to Belfast officially in the books, we checked in with some FCP Ambassadors to better understand what it meant to travel to Northern Ireland and share the FCP message, conduct basketball outreach sessions, compete in tournament games and explore historic Belfast, while commemorating a decade of Full Court Peace.

"It’s really important for members of Full Court Peace to discover its roots. To be a part of a trip with athletes like these is special. Full Court Peace is important to us and we’re finding out what it really took to get this great charity we all love started. Going undefeated in the Belfast tournament this past week is my best memory I’ll ever have in my 5 years of working with Full Court Peace in Cuba, Juarez and now Belfast." - Charlie Reznikoff (Lesley University)

"The Belfast trip was so much more than what I was anticipating, even when I know what great things Full Court Peace is capable of. We were exposed to so much in such a short period, but because everyone was so helpful and welcoming, we truly got the most out of our time in Belfast. I believe we made a significant impact on those who we met, but that doesn’t compare to the impact that they made on us. Their hospitality, willingness to teach, and depth of knowledge - I think we all left with a new appreciation for the people and city of Belfast." - Beau Santero (Amherst College)

"Our Full Court Peace trip to Belfast signaled the depth to which basketball can unite people. Unlike Cuba where the differences in the cultural aesthetic are so jarring, Belfast proved that basketball could arrive as a solution for conflict rooted in emotional and political disagreements." - Paul Hagopian (University of Michigan)

"Seeing and experiencing Belfast was a life changing experience. Full Court Peace came back to its roots and I am grateful I was able to be there for it. The problems we saw that have effected Belfast have changed and shaped my views on the world. Full Court Peace has provided a way for me to experience the world in ways unimaginable." - Richard Magnus (New Canaan High School)

"After being to Cuba twice now and getting the chance to see where Full Court Peace started in Belfast, it’s incredible to realize the impact any sport especially basketball has on people and countries. An amazing trip in every aspect from basketball, understanding history/ culture and fun times!" - Claude Chandonnet (Denison University)

Wendell Maxey serves as Director of Social Media & Digital Content for Full Court Peace

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