10 Years Of Full Court Peace: Taking You Along On Our Journey

10 Years Of Full Court Peace: Taking You Along On Our Journey

by Wendell Maxey

Believe it or not, but you have been around the world and back again with us at Full Court Peace.

From launching our vision back in 2006 in Belfast, Ireland, to the four year outreach program in Juarez, Mexico, to the ongoing opportunities we have to refurbish basketball courts, distribute donated shoes and bring two countries together through our passion projects in Cuba, you guys have played a part in making all of these trips happen.

Think about that for a minute…


Take nothing away from our work here in Connecticut and Fairfield Country, but there is just something about coming together as a group and traveling internationally to truly help bridge so many gaps in our world.

It is one thing to generously give of your financial resources to FCP, but you have also given us your valuable time as well and that is something we are very thankful for as we continue to make a social and global impact through the game of basketball.

Nothing helps paint that picture better than some of the past video packages we’ve put together over the years. These videos have allowed us to not only tell you about our daily efforts when we embark on these excursions, but also to show you the realities we face.

We encourage you to visit our Full Court Peace page (courtesy of Mike Evans) on YouTube and share in both the small victories of giving back and also keep in mind our drive to keep dreaming big.

Wendell Maxey serves as Director of Social Media & Digital Content for Full Court Peace

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