FCP Basketball Camp Day 4: Taking The FCP Message From The Court And Into The Community

FCP Basketball Camp Day 4: Taking The FCP Message From The Court And Into The Community

by Wendell Maxey

One of the best parts about working with and for an organization like Full Court Peace and around the international game of basketball, is finding the moments in life where the story within the story takes shape.

Today was one of those days.

On Day 4 of the FCP Basketball Camp in New Canaan, players were already in the gym and had broken up into their teams while warming up around 9am on Thursday. The coaches and staff of counselors were meeting to lay out the game plan for the day before sharing that message with the rest of the campers to really kick-off the morning. But even while some 45 kids and 15 counselors were preparing to put in work at New Canaan High School, the story of the day really comes out of Wilton, Connecticut.

That’s where rising Senior at Wilton High School and varsity basketball captain Matt Kronenberg has led donation efforts for Full Court Peace by gathering used sneakers that will be distributed on the FCP Cuba trip that starts with an early Saturday morning flight to Havana.

“Sports can link people and help them forget about the problems they have in general. The reason I joined this is because what better way to do something I love and help others,” Kronenberg says, who says Full Court Peace is open to anyone to join, not just members of the basketball team.

Kronenberg learned about FCP through his classmate and friend, Lucas Reznikoff, who launched a Full Court Peace chapter at WHS this past year. High school FCP clubs raise money as well as partner with area community centers located in areas of blight. One of the things the WHS chapter hopes to organize is a free-throw competition fundraiser.

You can read the full article over at Good Morning Wilton by Heather Borden Herve here.

We can not thank Matt enough and guys like Lucas Reznikoff — who is serving as a counselor at the FCP Basketball Camp this week — for their time and work with Full Court Peace and how their dedication eventually impacts a complete different culture and community down in Cuba. It really is a story that extends from the court back to the community, both locally and in other parts of the world.

Wendell Maxey serves as Director of Social Media & Digital Content for Full Court Peace

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