10 Years Of Full Court Peace: Not Just Another Basketball Camp

10 Years Of Full Court Peace: Not Just Another Basketball Camp

by Wendell Maxey

As we prepare to host our 4th Annual Full Court Peace Basketball Camp in New Canaan, Connecticut from July 18-22, we are reminded what sets this event apart from just another basketball camp.

It’s another reason why we are so proud of what FCP has accomplished throughout these past 10 years.

The headline that ran in the local New Canaan Advertiser back in 2014 thanks to Dave Stewart summed it up perfectly.

Bonding and Basketball: Full Court Peace brings kids of diverse backgrounds together

“The idea here is that it’s a team basketball camp and nothing is done in an individual format — everything you do is with your team. You’re on a team with a kid from Weston, Ridgefield, New Canaan, and Wilton, or Bridgeport, Norwalk and Stamford. We mix them up and make sure each town is represented on each team and then everything we do is team-focused.”

“You don’t know what is being said behind closed doors, but I don’t know how much promotion of friendship is going on between the two communities. There may be penpal things or bus-in things, but there’s always room for more.”

You can read the full story here.

This summer we are hoping to bridge the gap between both cultures and communities even more, with not only our camp in New Canaan but also our camp in August (8-12) at The Wooster School in Danbury. It is always one of our favorite events of the summer to watch these kids come together and this year we look forward to helping our campers grow as both players and a community for peace.

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