10 Years Of Full Court Peace: Making An Impact In Juarez

10 Years Of Full Court Peace: Making An Impact In Juarez

by Wendell Maxey

With all of our Full Court Peace efforts in Cuba and around Fairfield County, we can’t forget about our work in Juarez, Mexico and how those mission trips from 2010 to 2014 has impacted our overall vision and drive at FCP.

Back in mid-February 2010, columnist Matthew Doran of The Hour in Norwalk, helped share our story as we began to focus on particular communities in Juarez that were effected by increased violence and drug trafficing, making that area the most violent city in the world…

Despite the danger, Evans will travel to Juarez on March 12 on a three-day peace mission with a group from Basketball Beyond Barriers, which does most of its work in El Paso. Together, they’ll attempt to see what, if anything, can be done to get the kids of Juarez out of the gangs and onto basketball courts.

"My goal is to get as many kids to play basketball as often as I can," Evans said. "I want to get kids together playing on teams so they can learn democracy. I want them to be a part of something, and not a cartel."

Looking back, Full Court Peace remains proud of the four years we spent traveling to Mexico and the relationships we made with the kids in those neighborhoods, as we ran basketball clinics and refurbished basketball courts.

Juarez and the people there continue to hold a special place in our hearts over these past 10 years of Full Court Peace.

Read the full column by Mattew Doran here

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