10 Years Of Full Court Peace: Meeting The Dalai Lama In Belfast

10 Years Of Full Court Peace: Meeting The Dalai Lama In Belfast

by Wendell Maxey

As we continue our new series — 10 Years of Full Court Peace — we flash back to November, 2005.

And what a memorable time it was in a number of ways.

Not only was this the prequel to Full Court Peace with Mike Evans working for "Playing for Peace" in 2001 during his time playing professional basketball in Belfast, Ireland with the goal of bringing "together thousands of children from different religious, racial and cultural backgrounds" through both educating and uniting kids through basketball, but this moment also served as the opportunity to meet and engage with the Dalai Lama in Belfast, Ireland.

Two life changing events unknowingly happening at once.

Evans’ alma mater, Hamilton College, covered the event with His Holiness on their website:

"It’s not too many people who have the opportunity to meet with and address the Dalai Lama – particularly recent college grads. But that’s exactly what Mike Evans ‘05 did in November when the Dalai Lama visited the Playing for Peace program in Belfast, Ireland, where Mike is program director. Mike is quick to credit his Hamilton education for giving him the skills and confidence to pull off his talk with one of the spiritual leaders of the world."

Looking back now, the seeds to grow Full Court Peace had already been planted and cultivated at the same time.

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